Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

ZEENEWSDAILY (“We” / “We” / “Our”) is deeply committed to transparency and dignified behavior in all its business. We are governed and guided by the overarching principles in our Code of Ethics, which we share here for your information.

ZEENEWSDAILY was created to fill the void created by the mainstream media, given the disconnect between what the media is reporting and what the general public understands.

At the same time, we intend to slow down the way “breaking news” is released, which leads to the spread of false or false information in the community.

In line with our vision and mission, we adhere to certain ethical principles to be the most reliable platform where people get news and information on the most important issues.

In line with our above-mentioned intention and our quest to be the most reliable platform where people get news and information on the most important issues.

We have adopted the following principles: To be an impartial platform that facilitates dialogue and allows people of different backgrounds and political leanings to come together, discuss and resolve the most important issues.

Present the most accurate key information available at the time we report on a particular topic.

Loan source wherever needed or applicable. Plagiarism in any form is unacceptable and prohibited. Strive for balanced, unbiased, and rational views on problems.

Make a clear distinction between commercial interests and editorial decision making. No business interests can take over editorial decision making. Provide accurate information instead of reporting.

If there is not enough information and not to speculate, we will wait before sharing. Include different voices in the story to keep it fair and balanced. In case of error, apologize generally and correct the error.

If a story is not an editorial and is an ad/advertisement, announce it or mention it from the beginning. Stay strong and determined after pressure from those in power.

Stand by the editorial in case of any legal disputes or harassment. We are an independent and public digital media platform for Indian millennials.

Besides reporting news and issues that matter, we also give you the opportunity to take action.